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I Am Entertainment Magazine's Review of Shred Rot's 1st Album

Shred Rot is utterly - ridiculously - insanely - awesomely rockadocious, and their new
album release, Nuthin Extra Special is truly an extra special project!
 Who the h-e-double-
hockey-stix left the gate open and let these madmen into the yard?!
The first time I heard Shred Rot's single "Scars From Mars" in 2011 I knew they'd eventually release an album full of hot music!

 The lead vocalist (Matt Miller) has one of the most uniquely incredible singing voices I've in
the rock music in a long time and you can't ever mistake him for anyone else. The
drummer (Scott Drazdik) is ridiculously amazing and Nick Reinmann can slapa-da-bayass
man! Overall, Shred Rot's project 'Nuthin Extra Special' is one of the best alternative grit rock
albums I've heard in 2012. Review by: Senseitional
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