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Our song "Wish You The Best" chosen for Rockstar Wrestling TV

Shred Rot's song "Wish You The Best" was chosen for use by Rockstar Wrestling. It will be a seasonal web series production with a completely fresh and new take on wrestling. If you love wrestling, music, and premium cable television series then you will enjoy what Rockstar Wrestling has to offer. The first season is currently in the preproduction process will debut early 2012. Full details on this new concept can be read at

A theme song will be used for each fighter from each specific genre including: Funk, Hip Hop, Goth/Metal, Gospel, Classic Rock, Country, Grunge, Punk, Indie/Hipster, Emo, Pop/American Idol, Juggalo/Underground, Country, and Club/Techno. Each match, each video, each production will feature music. There will be a constant stream of sports entertainment with a developing story and music, to be featured on each episode.
In honor of the official launch of Rockstar Wrestling, Digital Lizard Productions has released a 20 minute “What Is Rockstar Wrestling? V.1” intro-mercial explaining more about this unique concept while showing off a little taste of what’s to come.

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