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Shred Rot Receving Air Play on KCLA-FM 99.3 & KLED-FM 91.1 in LA


Shred Rot's songs "Hollow" and "Wish You The Best" to start being played on air at KCLA-FM (99.3FM) every Wednesday 4pm - 5pm in the Greater Los Angeles Area and (91.1FM) in the Greater Los Angeles Area every Monday, Thursday, Saturday 9am - 10am & 9pm - 10pm starting Next week. Quotes from Uncle Earl to Shred Rot ,"I see a BIG Future in front of you!!!!!" and “" A Dynamic Trio To Look Out For !"” Join Uncle Earl's social networks for news, updates and show play list info at: Thank You Uncle Earl! Peace,Shred Rot
Lacy Darryl Phillips - Uncle Earl On Air Personality - KCLA, KLED, Los Angeles Academy of Performing Arts & Uncle Earl Productions Uncle Earl provides radio play for two FM stations in the greater LA area while also broadcasting his increasingly popular podcasts. Both avenues provide great music from around the world.
From coast-to-coast, continent-to-continent, the “Underground Experience” is alive and thriving. Young and old alike, come together to celebrate “Life, Spirituality and Unity.” On the trail of our predecessors; “Soul Train”, “Star Search” and “American Bandstand”, The “Ultimate Underground” combines the quintessential elements of LDP and CRK’s upbringing into one ‘Helluva’ Show.
- Lacy & Clay

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